Frequently asked questions

How many liters per hour produce the machinery for cleaning solar panels and windows?

The production of pure water for cleaning outdoor windows and photovoltaic panels is as follows: OUT MINI 100-120 l / h; OUT 1800 200-220 l / h; OUT 3600 450-500 l / h.

What is the maximum extension of the poles and with what materials are produced?

The modular carbon fiber poles, lightweight material that makes them easy to handle and simple to use, measuring 1.5 m and weigh 330 g each. They can reach a maximum height of 8 meters in length and up to 18 meters in height (vertical surface, such as facade). We have inserted in range two other types of poles for different types of need and use: fiber poles of glass and aluminum. Thanks to our poles, washing the solar panels takes place in a totally safe and quick.

What is the maximum extension of the hose and the power reaches by the pump?

Our machines, designed for optimum cleaning of photovoltaic systems have a blow out tube for conducting water works in pressure to 60 bar with OUT 1800 and OUT 3600, extendable up to 20 meters, while OUT MINI can reach 10 meters. It does not interfere with the quality of pure water , which remains constant. The tube has two standard sizes: 6x8 mm, slightly heavier but with more flow; 8x12 mm, indicated in particular for OUT 1800 and OUT 3600.

I would like directions about the hourly output of the machines for the cleaning of the photovoltaic panels.

OUT line for cleaning solar panels produces different working yield per hour depending on the type: OUT MINI has a working capacity of 12/15 KW / h; OUT 1800 of 20/25 KW / h; OUT 3600 of 35 / 40 KW / h.


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