Indoor window cleaning machine

Internal window washing machine

The Vip Clean internal window cleaning machine has been designed by our technical team to solve all internal window cleaning problems.

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Lightweight, practical, modular

Portable and very tight, even at elevated heights, because it is made of carbon fibre it can extend to 10-14 mt., depending on specific customer requirements. The machine can be adapted to any situation using our practical extensions.

Simple and safe

Using our machines for cleaning windows and other surfaces is simple and safe. No need to move equipment to reach even the most inaccessible spots.

Ecological and economical

Vip Clean window cleaning systems are ecological because they do not use detergents, and they are economical with their very high cleaning power!

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VipClean system advantages

  •   You will NOT need to use ladders any more to clean hotels, office buildings, industrial buildings, restaurants and supermarket windows...
  •   You will NO LONGER need to use long and costly scaffolding
  •   NO MORE detergents
  •   NO MORE "wet floor" signs
  •   NO MORE need for night work
  •   NO MORE need for special clothing, you will have a new look!
  •   NO MORE spilling buckets
  •   NO MORE need to wash the whole panel for one "finger print"...

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