Outdoor window cleaning machine

Window and facades cleaning

A Vip Clean external glass cleaning machine is the ideal solution for all those who need to clean external glass panels and facades, even at elevated heights.


Portable, light, modular

Our external glass cleaning system is portable and useable in any environment, tough work sites included, with its 70 mt. long hose.
Modular up to 20 mt. in height, but extremely light because it is composed of carbon fibre.
Portable application allows independence from electrical and hydraulic plugs! With its own water and battery supply the unit is independent with 250 to 1000 lt. water containers, and multiples! These characteristics make the machine ideal for enormous surfaces such as public office buildings.

Simple and safe

Solid and transportable, guaranteeing complete operator security and ability to reach elevated heights from ground level.

Ecological and economical

Our machine uses pure water in complete respect of the environment. It is however possible to use it with specific Vip Clean detergents.
The economical quality of the machine is achieved because of low operating costs.

window washing system outdoor window cleaning system

Vip Clean system advantages

  •   safe because ground operated
  •   ecological because it only uses purified water
  •   portable and transportable everywhere
  •   shorter working hours compared to traditional methods

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