PV panels cleaning system

Solar panel cleaning

Maintaining the cleanliness of solar panels is essential for high efficiency conversion. Dirt and deposits can decrease conversion efficiency. Solar panel cleaning is difficult for two reasons: the delicate surface and the position of the panels (usually on a roof or another elevated position).

Vip Clean machines and equipment allow totally safe, simple and practical solar panel cleaning.


Vip cleaning machines guarantee deep cleansing of the photovoltaic solar panel without using soaps, detergents or chemical agents which could damage the panels.

Portable, lightweight, modular

Our cleaning system is portable and modular to a height of 20 mt. to reach the panels from ground level.
The equipment, even at maximum extension, is very light because it is made of carbon fibre.

Our cleaning system uses only demineralised water, which allows it to obtain a perfectly clean surface without having to rinse and dry, as well as guaranteeing savings in time and costs.

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Vip clean: innovative solar panels cleaning machines Solar panels professional cleaning

The advantages of Vip Clean system

  •   economical
  •   safe because it is operated from the ground
  •   ecological because it only uses demineralised water
  •   easily portable and transportable
  •   shorter working hours compared to traditional systems

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Portable system to clean photovoltaic panels


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