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Clean the solar panels is really useful?

With what frequency should be made the cleaning of photovoltaic panels?

pulire pannelli fotovoltaici con le macchine Vipclean | manutenzione e pulizia impianti fotovoltaiciImagine the solar panel as a mirror, exposed to sun, rain (remembering that contains impurities and is therefore not recommended as a cleaning system), wind, excrement of birds. All these impurities are deposited on the panel, damaging the yield over time. If you do not provide a periodic cleaning of photovoltaic systems, it is possible to reach about 20-25% less of performance. Over the years it could incur therefore to a deterioration of the panel, decreasing its power receptor, whether the maintenance of the photovoltaic panels would not be carried out.

Assuming that a plant of 50 kWp can have a gain of around € 23,000 per year, with a loss of just 10% you will lose 2300 Euros, growing worse if nothing is done. Clean the solar panels becomes an essential operation. Depending on the type of soil and location, you can plan 2-3 times cleaning operationsper year: the first in March-April and the second in July-August and the third in September-October.


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