OUT 3600 PV


OUT 3600 PV is the ideal solution for washing solar panels plants over 1 MW.

The machine produces up to 600 liters of pure water per hour, thanks to the reverse osmosis process. 

The cleaning is totally eco-friendly, without the use of detergents or chemicals. 

OUT 3600 permits the cleaning of large surfaces in a fast, professional and safe way, thanks to the high quality of the accessories and to the advanced technology of the system. 

The high production per hour of pure water machine allows you to work up to four workers simultaneously.

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strong, lightweight and modular up to 20 m.    -MODULAR CARBON FIBER POLE EXTRA STRONG 1.5m

each type of telescopic pole can be produced with evey type of brush of our OUT Line.   -TELESCOPIC ALUMINUM POLE 4.5 m WITH BRUSH

optimally cleaned the surface of the solar panel and solar power thanks to the combination bristle-pure water. Ideal for normal dirt.

Port cloth ideal for stubborn dirt and fouling difficult. The particular composition of the cloth allows thorough cleaning without scratching or damaging the surface.

bag made ​​of special material to comfortably carry up to 4 poles.

trolley with wheels to carry up to 9 poles.

with wheels, up to 200 m of hose.

portable pumping unit for cleaning in situations without water connection.