Deluxe trolley of VIP Clean is the best solution for a complete cleaning of trains and means of transport interior, optimal tool for traveling cleaners.

The trolley is carachterised by its extremely compact sizes, ease of use and functionality: it was designed to provide the operator with all suitable tools for easy and comprehensive interior carriage cleaning:

- Compartments for separate collection of rubbish
- Tray for a neat and clean transportation of detergents:
Ordinary Dusting (Ordinario Spolvero)
Ordinary bathroom (Ordinario Bagno)
- Top shelf with practical case with paper, cloths for cleaning all kinds of surfaces, disposable gloves
The shelf can be customised with the addition of accessories according to customer requirements.
- Broom and dustpan for cleaning floors
The Trolley comes with professional detergents and accessories of the brand Direct Clean.